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We offer high spec units capable of chilling contents down to 2*C.

Our units are delivered to where you want them, sited to be sturdy and level,

provided with electric supply cable and fully commissioned ready for use,

all we need is a standard 3 pin socket to plug into.


Prices start from £50 per day depending on the duration of your booking and location.

We are available at any time 24/7 for a breakdown, let down or last minute booking.


Just get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

disco and trailer 2.jpg

Our units are perfect if you require additional refrigeration at any event or function throughout the year. At 3m long x 1.5m wide and 1.8m high internally they are more than large enough to store food and drink for any big occasion, but small enough to fit in your desired location. With large doors and a sturdy entry step, gaining access is both easy and safe, with fully lockable doors to secure those valuable items. 

Trailer with shelving.jpg

Choose from Fully installed sturdy shelving, partial shelving (if you need space for stacking items on top of each other) or no shelving at all. Just let us know and we can sort this for you at no additional charge.

washing trailer.jpg

Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do for our refrigerated trailer hire business, and that's why we turn our trailers out looking clean and most importantly hygienic. Using trailers that are nearly new also ensures they are reliable, reducing the risk of breakdowns during your booking.

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