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What will I need to provide to power the trailer?

The unit requires a 240v electricity supply ideally from a mains, however if this is not feasible, due to location, a suitably sized generator can also be used. please let us know to discuss specifics of this. All cabling is provided by us, but an approximate distance required is always helpful.



How long does the unit take to reach temperature?

The unit will typically take under an hour to reach its desired temperature once plugged in, even in the summer, however if the contents are added at outside temperature this will be significantly increased. It's best to allow up to 24 hours for this to happen. Spacing them out more evenly will allow them to cool quicker.



Can the temperature be altered to our specific needs?

Yes sure, it will be delivered as standard set between 3 and 5*C which is a typical running temperature of your household fridge, but please make us aware before hand on the booking form if you require it to be set different to this.



How will the unit be secured for the duration of our booking?

When the trailer is sited it will be levelled on telescopic prop stands and a high quality hitch lock and wheel clamp will be applied. In addition to this our trailers are data tagged for proof of ownership. We are also looking into the possibility of fitting trackers to our units so you can be sure they are safe and secure.



Can it be manoeuvred into a tight space?

Our team are very experienced in the siting of the trailer into small but practical sized places, if however you have any concerns regarding this then please don't hesitate to contact us beforehand. We can always remove it from the vehicle and with a couple of available persons can soon shift into place this way.



Can I tow or move the trailer myself?

We always advise strongly against this as the current towing laws may not allow you to tow a trailer of this size. Also our insurance doesn't allow for you to move the trailer at all. If the trailer requires moving once it has been sited then please just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this.

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